Resonant Frequency. 2014. HD Arri Alexa. 1.66:1. 5.1 Dolby Digital. Colour. 11 mins. DCP.

Haunted by threatening voices, a man with paranoid schizophrenia descends into psychosis. As his hallucinations become more violent his rage turns against his family and their perceived betrayal.

Licensed to Shorts TV

58th BFI London Film Festival 2014
12th London Short Film Festival 2015
The Shortest Nights 2015

Interview with Sight & Sound film critic Samuel Wigley for the official BFI London Film Festival blog.
Sound In Short Film: Short Sighted Cinema Interview


I wanted to make a film that was honest about the subject of paranoid schizophrenia and the impact it has on the family unit. Inspired by a series of encounters in West Africa with volatile and unmedicated individuals and the difficulty of caring for them within the family, I began to research the subject in more depth.

Once back in London, I was very fortunate to gain access to a busy psychiatric hospital. The experience proved invaluable and allowed me to craft a story that reflected lived experience and touched on the combination of hard drugs and schizophrenia.

The major challenge from a filmmaking point of view was how to represent Tyrone’s experience in a concise and realistic way without resorting to filmic conventions. I decided that the best way to do this was through the use of sound. This would allow me to transport the audience effectively into his world, whilst keeping the character of Tyrone essentially an enigma.

Sonically, the threat of violence pervades the film and we wanted to create a very dynamic and aggressive soundtrack, paying special attention to environmental sounds and utilising a lot of sub bass to create an oppressive and intimidating atmosphere.

This was reinforced by a fractured editing style, creating an unbalanced feel through the use of abrupt cuts to keep the viewer on edge. The brutal climax subverts audience expectations and was directly inspired by a real life crime.

However, despite the dark subject matter I felt it was important to end the film on a note of hope, reinforcing the importance of family and the prospect of a happier future.

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